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Dino Hatching

LTHQ's T-REX Integration Platform
has hatched! 

Welcome to the future of logistics technology with LTHQ's  T-Rex Integration Platform! 

T-Rex is designed to achieve four primary goals: speed, works with any data standard, data security, and cost reduction. It aims to expedite integration processes, ensure consistency and security in data exchanges, and drive cost efficiencies for both shippers and couriers.


About T-REX

Our Story

The experts at LTHQ have crafted the T-Rex Integration Platform to facilitate swift and seamless data exchanges between shippers and couriers.  We leveraged our extensive experience in the logistics industry to create a world-class product which meets the evolving requirements for shippers and couriers. 

Our Vision

The T-Rex platform offers lightning-fast processing speed, and is compatible with any data standard in the industry. We prioritize data security, ensuring that your information is always safe with us. Plus, our pricing is designed so that you only incur costs when you are making money. Our design and pricing model ensures that any size courier can integrate with their customer. 

Our Technology

The T-Rex Integration Platform embodies modernity while maintaining the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with any TMS system, Shipper, and/or data source. We achieve this flexibility by hosting the solution on the Azure Cloud. This design approach provides our customers with unlimited scalability and security for current and future technical requirements. 


A Platform You Can Trust

01. Seamless Integration

The T-Rex Integration Platform stands out for its seamless integration with shippers, the middle mile, and the final mile.  This platform provides unparalleled customization and data retention options to support any shipment type. T-Rex can also perform data normalization and enrichment to ensure data governance alignment with each stakeholder's business rules.

02. Cost-Effective 

We understand the importance of cost-effective solutions to help businesses navigate the logistics landscape. That's why we created a low-cost, transaction-based pricing model to ensure you only pay for what you use. 

03. Real-Time Analytics

Empower your decision-making with our T-REX Analytics Connector, delivering a real-time data link to your Transportation Management System (TMS) and other internal data sources. This robust platform provides unfettered access to all your data, enabling you to make informed and strategic business decisions with confidence.

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